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We are interested in identifying ways to streamline the R&D process to more rapidly establish proof of concept, quickly evaluate the effectiveness of our oncology compounds, and determine the appropriate dose of an investigational medicine. Our focus on new methods—such as biochemical markers, imaging technologies and the use of definitive, clinical endpoints—may help us more quickly evaluate the effectiveness of our oncology compounds. Browse a select list of our oncology clinical trials.

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How to Participate

For information about becoming an investigator or enrolling patients in clinical trials, please submit an information request through

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Compassionate Use

Not only are we passionate about developing advanced therapies to help address challenges in oncology, we are also committed to providing access to investigational therapies when needed. Learn more about our policy regarding access to investigational drugs for compassionate use by reviewing our full statement and FAQs on our corporate website.

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Clinical Trials and Me

The Clinical Trials and Me website is designed to support, inform, and help patients interested in participating in a clinical trial. It is intended for use by users in the United States. This robust resource provides patients with comprehensive information about certain medical conditions and what to expect during and after a clinical trial.


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